Kingston Scales Institute

About the Kingston Scales


While the Kingston Scales are copyrighted, they may be downloaded and copied for use free of charge. The authors would appreciate appropriate referencing when scale data is used in publications or reports. Resale is not permitted. For our own statistical purposes we would appreciate knowing where the scale is being used.

An interactive training CD has been developed for the KSCAr’s and is available, free of charge, by contacting us. 

We welcome any comments or suggestions regarding these scales. We also invite interested clinicians to contact the authors to arrange a format for sending demographic data and summaries of test scores, for further development of normative standards, as well as suggestions for collaborative research. We are also available for training workshops on any of the scales, either in person or by teleconferencing. Contact us for details.

If you require any further information about the Kingston Scales or if you have any questions about their use or scoring, please contact the authors. See Contact Information.